Unable to connect to wallet RPC service: RPC call failed: Failed to connect to localhost port 12568: Connection refused
  We are investigating issues in the backend. Your shares and hashrate are safe and we will fix things ASAP.

  • Findblocks disabled, new blocks will currently not show up in the frontend
  • Blockupdate disabled, blocks and transactions confirmations are delayed
  • Payouts disabled, you will not receive any coins to your offline wallet for the time being
  • Contributor Shares
    Rank Donor User Name Shares
    1 fimatic256 1,956,864
    Contributor Hashrates
    Rank Donor User Name KH/s SRC/Day
    General Statistics
    Pool Hash Rate 0.000 KH/s
    Pool Efficiency 100.00%
    Current Active Workers 0
    Current Difficulty 1.00000000
    Est. Next Difficulty 0.00000001 (Change in 499 Blocks)
    Est. Avg. Time per Round (Network) 1193046 hours 28 minutes 16 seconds
    Est. Avg. Time per Round (Pool) zero seconds
    Est. Shares this Round 256 (done: 764400%)
    Next Network Block 1    (Current: 0)
    Last Block Found 1,806,036
    Time Since Last Block 1656 hours 57 minutes 28 seconds
    Last Found Blocks
    Block Finder Time Actual Shares
    1806036 fimatic256 13/08/2018 14:09:26 1,122,304
    1787086 fimatic256 27/07/2018 12:53:40 888,832
    1743729 fimatic256 24/06/2018 21:41:53 3,191,808